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Mission and Goals


Our Mission is to boost the economic development in Andalusia through the entrepreneurship, thus facilitating the opportunities of investment to the members of the association and contributing to create the adequate environment to share ideas, experiences, commercial contacts and investments.

The association facilitates the contacts betweenthose entrepreneurs who need financing and support and those investors who are looking for new business opportunities. These investors can provide not only economic contribution, but also expertise and new contacts to support actively the development of the entrepreneurs’ business projects.


  • To enhance the entrepreneurial spirit in Andalusia.
  • To group private investors, making a work of intermediation between them and those business projects that are demanding financings, especially the ones that contribute significantly to generate new jobs or to keep the existing ones.
  • To promote the investments in business projects with strong growth potential.
  • To contribute to the exchange of good practices with other networks and agents that operate in the business creation and development fields.
  • To enhance the exchange of business expertise and experiences among their associates, and the exchangesamong them and the innovative investment projects in which they participate.
  • To group all the Business Angels networks that operate in Andalusia.
  • To direct the investments, expertise and creative and innovative capacity already existing in Andalusia.
  • To make known the existence of the figure of the Business Angels and their role in the creation of new innovative business projects.
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