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Code of ethics of good practices

1. Aabanwill always manage its activity in an honest and transparent manner, always trying to act impartiallywith regard to its members.

2. Aaban will run its activities in a professional manner and will not develop illegal or unethical practices, and it will have no relationship with third parties that could damage the reputation ofthe Business Angels’ network.

3. Aabanwill not admit an investor if it has a well-founded doubts about the sources of his/her available capital for investments.

4. Aaban is committed to use the information provided by the entrepreneurs with the only purpose of searching financing support among its partners, and it will never use it with other purposes unrelated to the Business Angels’ networks mission.

5. Aabanwill make every effort to ensure that the received data will be treated with confidentiality. Measures will be taken to ensure that these data will not be disclosed to third parties out of the network without the express authorisation of the entrepreneur or the investor.

6. Aaban will always keep a clear, honest and equitable position between the investor and the entrepreneur, facilitating an agreement between the parties.

7. The associates will inform Aaban of the contacts held with the entrepreneurs about those investment projects they have known through the association.

8. Aabanwill not be responsible for the data accuracy or the compliance of the predictions contained in the business projects, and advices its associates of the need to make a rigorous analysis of the projects before committing the funding.

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