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Ban+ is an accelerator tool that supports those potentially interesting projects that are still not considered investable. Ban+ is our tool to transform your ideas in investable companies and to receive a financial support from our partners or other investors.

Ban+,in collaboration with Espacio RES (, offers the following services to help entrepreneurs for 12 months:

  1. A free physical space in our modern installations located in Seville, including all the services, where you can share your experiences with other entrepreneurs.
  2. Financial contribution between 5,000€ and 10,000€ per project/company. 
  3. A panel of first class tutors. Every project receives the guidance of 2 to 3 tutors who help the entrepreneur to design and implement a business model and facilitate contacts with potential customers, technological or commercial partners too.
  4. Training and networking.

Ban+ receives a minority shareholding of the company for its involvement in the development of the business project.

Please fill the form available on the following link for applying for a place in the acceleration program Ban+. 

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