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How do we support the entrepreneurs?

Our association supports the development of innovative business projects in two ways:

  1. The investors associated with Aaban (not the association itself in any circumstances) take shares in your company in return for directly providing your business project withfinancing resources, when they consider that your project is investable. You can find what is an investable projectfor Aaban in the FAQs section of our website.The Business Angels use to provide the project not only with financial resources, but also with their expertise and networks.
  2. Ban+.It is an accelerator toolthat supports those potentially interesting projects that are still not considered investable. Ban+ offers a physical workspace, tutors, a wide array of services and a financial incentive in exchange for a minority shareholding of the project. Ban+ is our tool to transform your ideas in investable companies and to receive a financial support from our partners or other investors. For further information about our accelerator tool, please visit the Ban+ section from the main menu of our website.
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